The top 4 qualities I believe all great entrepreneurs have

A while back, I was asked a question while recording a podcast that gave me a chance to reflect on the top qualities I think all strong entrepreneurs need to have. Having fallen into the entrepreneurial world by complete accident myself, I absolutely think this would have been helpful to know before-hand to be able to consciously be aware of these traits and flex these muscles, which is why I wanted to share them with you all today!

Curiosity: While other people may accept things as they are, entrepreneurs are constantly questioning whether another approach would work better and are always thinking of ways to bring that to life.

Learning fast: You don’t need to know everything about starting a business to succeed (I’m a perfect example of this!), but you need to be comfortable in the uncomfortable in that you’ll have to constantly learn new things and adapt. Being unphased and adaptable in these new situations is key!

Knowing when to ask for help: Because there’s so much to be learned (always), you have to be open to asking and learning from others who can help fill in the gaps in your knowledge (when I first started working on LIVELY, I made a list of all the areas I lacked expertise in and surrounded myself with people who were leaders in those areas). It’s important to be able to do this from an emotional perspective, too!

Optimism: Life as a founder is going to throw a LOT of curveballs your way, and you will be constantly tested, which is why I think it’s essential to have a glass half full mindset to be able to keep going every day.

Curious to hear from you what other traits or qualities you think are must haves for business owners or entrepreneurs?