The single greatest piece of business advice I've ever received

In the entrepreneurial world, you hear a lot of advice from other people day in and day out when it comes to business, balance, productivity - pretty much all of it. Having been in this space for many years now, I’ve heard no shortage of valuable advice from the people around me, but very rarely does it ever stop me in my tracks and actually change the course of my life… until I met Bobbi Brown.

While recording an episode of LIVELY’s podcast, No Makeup Needed (Season 3 coming soon ;)), I asked Bobbi what the one piece of advice she’d give or has been given that she would share with other entrepreneurs is (like I always do… if you watch my IG live series Founder Chats, you know I close out every single episode with this question).

I was expecting her to give me an answer that got into the nitty gritty of business, but her response truly surprised me. She said the best piece of career advice she could give was to play offense on your marriage just like you do in your work. Not something you hear every day in the business world. But, after that episode, I’ve put this idea into practice almost every single day, and let me tell you… Bobbi knows best!

When I put this value into play, I see first hand how when my husband and I are in sync and playing offense, everything else falls into place. Whether it’s a spouse, a family member, a dear friend, or whoever that person is for you, make the time to show them love and watch the magic happen in that relationship and how it translates to business.