As someone who has never resonated with traditional meditation, here’s what I do instead

MCG - Running On Beach

How I let go of what I think “should” be for me and found what actually does work for me

In the 6 years now that I’ve owned my own business, I’ve learned a ton of incredible lessons and takeaways that I apply to every single aspect of my life (if you read my last blog post on the best piece of business advice I’ve ever received, you know this already!). One major lesson is the importance of understanding that every single person’s journey is unique and valid in its own way and we cannot get caught up in anyone else’s or force it to look like anything it’s just plain not.

With the amount of noise, content, businesses, products, ideas, etc. that are out there, it’s easy to get caught up in what works for other people and even easier to think that what works for someone else should work for you. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned working in the world of lingerie for so long, it’s that every human is a snowflake. By that, I mean that we’re all different and unique in our own ways, and that’s pretty killer and something to be embraced.

Towards the beginning of quarantine, I caught myself falling into this comparison trap myself. Looking around me, it seemed like everyone was preaching the benefits of meditation and how the practice was keeping them sane in those times of pure madness, so naturally I thought that must be something I need to get on.

After trying to make it work for myself on multiple occasions, I finally decided to embrace the fact that the practice just didn’t work for me. Instead of continuing to force it, I decided to make it my own and lean into what DID work for me. Enter: running.

In the past two years, I’ve been running probably more than I ever have in my life (even through those crazy NYC winters!), and I’ve learned to come to see it as my own personal form of meditation that gives me the same clarity, perspective, gratitude and focus, and is where some of my best ideas come from. Not only that, but it doubles as an incredible sweat sesh which is an equally needed outlet to release any built up stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur and type A!

Challenging you to let go of what’s not serving you to embrace everything that does work for you and your personal journey… promise you won’t regret it 🙂