How I Beat The Sunday Scaries for Good

The one team ritual that actually gets me excited for Mondays

The Sunday Scaries… we all know them, and odds are we’ve all experienced them at one point in our life or another. Sometimes, we feel them more intensely than others. One of my more intense Sunday scaries happened while I was working in the corporate world (as many people who work in this world, I’m sure can relate to in some way) - I vividly remember the pangs of anxiety that would creep up on Sunday nights thinking about all that was to come in the week ahead.

This was no doubt one of my least favorite feelings, which is why when I started LIVELY I knew I wanted to implement some sort of team ritual on Mondays that would not just lessen the blow of a looming Monday, but would give my team and I something to look forward to and get us pumped for the week to come. Since day one, we have kicked off LIVELY’s all-hands on deck team meeting by going around the room (or now… the computer screen), and sharing what our LIVELY moment of the week prior was.

What does that mean exactly? One by one, every team member shares that moment or experience that made their hearts full or sent goosebumps up and down their arms. Could be going on a dinner date with their kid or trying out a new recipe, but taking this time to share these special moments helps us all to ground ourselves for what’s to come, remind us of our why as it relates to the brand and life, which all in turn boosts team morale and productivity.

Not to say I don’t still get an occasional case of the scaries on one Sunday night or another (I am human, after all), but they’re insanely fewer and farther between. And, even when I do, knowing I get to hear all of these beautiful moments from my squad is one guaranteed thing to look forward to.